How To Select The Perfect Self-Storage Unit Size For Your Needs?

Are you struggling to find room for all your belongings? You’re not alone! 

Whether you’re re-decorating, tackling a decluttering project, or aiming to streamline your business operations, the significance of a well-suited self-storage solution can’t be overstated.

From seasonal gear to furniture, finding a suitable space to store your items when not needed isn’t just a practical necessity; it’s an investment in your peace of mind.

However, navigating through the endless storage options available can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how to choose the appropriate storage unit size based on your specific set of needs. 

Ready? Let’s get started.

Common uses of self-storage units

Self-storage units can significantly impact our lives by eliminating physical and mental clutter in various situations. Here are some of the most common uses for these units.

Seasonal items 

Self-storage units offer a practical and efficient solution for storing seasonal items only used during specific times of the year. 

Whether it’s the collection of festive decorations that brighten up the Christmas season or the summer sporting equipment that sees use only during warmer months, a self-storage unit makes storage easy. You’ll enjoy a dedicated space to keep these items safe and out of the way when they’re not needed.


During home renovations, things can quickly become messy and chaotic. Fortunately, self-storage units offer a practical solution. These units provide a secure space to store your furniture and other sizable items while the renovation is underway.

This eliminates worries about potential damage or obstructing your living area. As a result, the renovation process becomes smoother, and your family’s peace of mind remains undisturbed.

Business storage 

For businesses, managing records, documents, inventory, and office items effectively is essential for productivity. Self-storage units offer versatile solutions to address these needs.

By relocating non-essential items to a self-storage unit, you can maintain an organised and productive workspace for your team, ultimately contributing to enhanced efficiency and focus.


If you’re a frequent traveller who spends extended periods away from home, self-storage offers a practical solution for safeguarding your personal belongings. 

Instead of leaving valuables unattended or burdening friends and family with the responsibility of storage, you can use self-storage to ensure your possessions remain secure until their return. 

This eliminates the worry of your belongings being vulnerable to damage or theft.

Vehicle storage 

For those who own recreational vehicles, motorcycles, or classic cars, self-storage units offer a reliable solution for off-season storage. 

These units provide a sheltered and secure location to keep vehicles safe from the elements, maintaining their condition when unused. 

University students

For college students, the flexibility of traditional self-storage units is a valuable asset. During summer breaks, semester exchanges, or periods of study abroad, these units offer a secure and convenient place to store belongings that can’t be taken along. 

Students can trust that their items will be kept safe until they return, eliminating the need to transport everything back and forth or burden family homes with excess belongings. 

Machinery & bulky building materials 

For builders’ materials, large bulky items, or larger machinery, you have the option of using outdoor storage containers.

Their robust steel construction and weather-resistant properties safeguard your belongings from damage, theft, and the elements.

How do I choose the right storage unit size?

Selecting the correct self-storage unit size ensures your belongings are accommodated efficiently without unnecessary costs. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to determine the appropriate self-storage unit size:

  • Inventory assessment: Create a list of the items you plan to store. Group similar items together and measure larger ones to gauge the space required.
  • Online tools: Many storage facilities offer online space calculators. These tools use your item list to suggest a suitable unit size based on your needs.
  • Visit the facility: If feasible, visit the storage site to visualise various unit sizes. Facility staff can guide you and show you available units.
  • Future considerations: Anticipate whether you might add more items later. Opting for a slightly larger storage facility can accommodate potential growth.
  • Standard sizes: Storage facilities often offer sizes like 5’x5′, 10’x10′, 10’x15′, and 10’x20′. Use these standards as reference points.
  • Accessibility: If frequent access is essential, allocate space for pathways within the unit. Arrange items to ensure easy retrieval.
  • Vertical use: Use vertical space by stacking items. Shelving or boxes can help maximise the unit’s height and provide extra space.
  • Unit layout: Some units have unique shapes or structural elements. Familiarise yourself with the layout to optimise for maximum storage.
  • Expert guidance: Don’t hesitate to seek advice from facility staff. They can offer insights based on their experience.
  • Review feedback: Online reviews from previous customers can offer practical insights into the suitable unit size for your requirements.

Act cautiously by selecting a slightly larger storage space if you’re uncertain about the full extent of your storage needs. This ensures efficient storage and ease of access.

From furniture and vital business documents to cherished vehicles, every possession you own needs a safe space to be stored when not in use. That’s where the power of flexible self-storage solutions comes into play. 

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