Smart Packing Tips To Maximise Your Self-Storage Space

Whether you’re moving, renovating, decluttering, or need a space to store seasonal items – renting a self storage unit is a safe and affordable solution.

Self-storage allows you to store items for weeks, months or even years in units of varying shapes and sizes.

But as helpful as self-storage units may be, getting all your belongings packed and organised for transport and storage can be challenging.

Along with this, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most out of the space available in your unit.

This means maximising how much you can fit in the unit while ensuring the things you need are accessible and everything is safe, dry and secure.

In this blog, we’ve shared our top six smart packing tips so you can make the most of your self-storage space.

Let’s dive in!

1. Don’t under-pack boxes

To maximise your storage space, it’s vital to ensure you’re not underpacking your boxes.

If your containers are half empty, you’re not only missing out on valuable space but also putting your belongings at risk of damage.

Too much space can cause your items to shift and break during transport. They can also get crushed under the weight of heavier boxes or items.

It’s equally important not to overpack your boxes. Packed boxes shouldn’t weigh more than you can comfortably lift.

Make sure boxes are square and don’t bulge at the top or side. This will guarantee they stay stable when stacked one on top of the other.

2. Only pack items you use

It’s not easy to let go of our belongings, even when we don’t truly need them anymore.

But when you only pack the items you actually use (or want to keep long-term), you lighten your load and free up space in your self-storage unit.

To get rid of items, why not hold a car boot sale or donate your unwanted possessions to charity? You can donate bulky foods like canned goods if they crowd your cupboards too!

3. Use vacuum-seal bags

If you’re storing bulky fabrics, such as blankets or towels, using vacuum-sealed bags is a great way to minimise the space they take up.

Not only do these bags save you a ton of space, but they protect your items from dust and mildew. You can easily fit several extra things into every box with vacuum-sealed bags.

4. Install shelving

You may not have known, but you can install shelving in your self-storage facility.

You can purchase hanging shelves and temporarily drill them into the wall or get large plastic or metal shelves that stand on the ground.

This can help organise large or oddly-shaped items that won’t fit in boxes.

5. Use the hollow spaces of large furniture

Create more space in your rental unit by using hollow areas of large furniture.

For instance, you can put a box or two inside a wardrobe. The same goes for refrigerators, washing machines or stoves.

6. Choose the best unit size for your needs

To ensure you have enough free space in your storage unit for all your items, it’s essential to make sure you have chosen a unit that’s the right size.
If you have several large, bulky items to pack away, you must be realistic about the amount of space you’ll need.
No matter how well-organised your belongings are, a larger storage space will sometimes be needed.

Extra self storage packing tips

Along with maximising space in your storage unit with the tips above, we also recommend taking the following steps when packing your storage space:

1. Choose the right boxes

Investing in high-quality cardboard boxes will help keep your items secure when packing your self storage unit.

When packing, it’s a good idea to give boxes a good look over before you begin. Keep an eye out for any damage, damp patches or missing flaps. These can weaken your boxes and put your belongings at risk.

We recommend using the same size boxes for all your packing if possible. This will make it easy to stack boxes safely and prevent any toppling accidents.

2. Tape and label your boxes

Labelling your boxes makes the unpacking process much easier and is helpful if you ever need to come in and grab something. Use a heavy black marker to label the boxes by item or room. You’ll be glad you did – trust us.

Good quality packaging tape is also a must. Closing your boxes with packing tape ensures they maintain structure and protect your items. Be sure to apply tape to your boxes’ top and bottom flaps.

3. Clean/wash everything before you pack

Germs and mould can grow incredibly quickly, even in a perfectly dry storage unit.

To avoid this, wash all clothes and surfaces with appropriate cleaning solutions (where possible, use a mild bleach solution).

This includes sofas, where crumbs and other debris can build up in the cracks and fester when left for an extended period.

4. Protect furniture

If you’re placing beloved furniture in storage, dismantle all the pieces you can to make it easier and less space-consuming to transport and store.

Once dismantled, put any bolts or screws into a sealable bag and label which item of furniture they match.

Also, anything in your storage unit that has upholstery, such as mattresses or furniture, must be adequately protected with dust sheets or similar.

If you place fridges and freezers in storage, always leave the doors open to maintain hygienic standards.

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